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Compliance Review and Nexus Studies

When a company does business in multiple states they may have unrecognized sales and use tax liabilities or potential refund opportunities that have gone unrecognized due to unidentified state and local sales tax exemptions. ARS’ Compliance Review identifies potential areas of sales tax exposure as well as identifying possible refund opportunities.

As companies expand into multiple states, the issue arises of whether these “foreign” states can force your company to register and collect use tax. Your company’s presence in the foreign state is referred to as “nexus."

Nexus issues can and do create serious tax liabilities since companies can miss the opportunity to collect tax from customers and eliminate their own burden. At ARS our professional staff analyzes our client’s multi-state activity and contacts each state in which business is being conducted to determine whether nexus exists. We quantify and minimize the potential tax exposure and save our clients the time utilized to fulfill tax requirements not necessary for the states in which they do not have nexus.
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