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Property Tax Services

The every day commitment of ARS is to consistently maintain the high level of quality service our clients have learned to expect by anticipating clients’ needs, being responsive when they call on us and promptly dealing with their concerns and identifying opportunities that will have a positive impact on their bottom line.

Every real estate owner (other than tax exempt entities) must pay property taxes. The question many property owners should ask is: Am I paying more than my fair share of property taxes? Over the years, property taxes have escalated to become a significant part of business costs, often having a negative effect on a company’s bottom line. Billions of dollars are collected each year by taxing jurisdictions, often making property taxes the second largest tax liability facing a company doing business today.

Real estate can often be mistakenly overvalued for purposes of annual property taxation. Property valuation is based upon a highly subjective estimate of varying factors such as age, physical condition, functional obsolescence, economic obsolescence and general market conditions. Because of these factors, the chance of paying more than your fair share of property taxes is more probable than possible.

Personal property taxes are self-assessed, and rules and regulations vary from state to state making it a very difficult task to determine the correct reportable cost. An accurate valuation of your business assets is of paramount importance in controlling your personal property taxes.

ARS professionals can reduce property taxes through business personal property tax appeals and audit defense. To challenge excessive property tax values is the most significant opportunity for property owners to increase their bottom line by reducing their fixed costs.

Our Services Include:
Real Estate Tax Consulting
Personal Property Tax Consulting
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